Car Cover/Car Wrapping, Abu Dhabi

The dazzling sun, the sudden downpour, the unexpected dust storm - the UAE climate can be as unpredictable as it is harsh. With temperatures soaring and conditions being demanding, a car cover isn’t just an accessory; it’s essential.
At Emirates Sound Auto Accessories, our wide array of car covers ensure your vehicle's protective shield, ensuring its narrative remains vivid and vibrant.

"Every Car in UAE Needs a Car Cover"

Waterproof Car Cover: Rain might be sporadic in the UAE, but when it pours, it’s vital to ensure your vehicle remains untouched. Our best waterproof car cover range offers top-tier protection, making sure raindrops never leave a mark on your prized possession.
Car Sun Shade Cover: The relentless Middle Eastern sun can be unforgiving. The car sun shade cover ensures your vehicle remains cool, the paint remains untarnished, and the interiors stay protected.
Car Dashboard Cover: The dashboard, often overlooked, is vulnerable to the sun's rays, leading to fading and cracking. Our car dashboard covers shield this essential part, preserving its look and functionality.
Car Shade Cover: Whether you're parked at work or outside a mall, the car shade cover acts as an umbrella for your car, keeping it shielded from the sun, and maintaining its sheen and coolness.
From the sun's UV rays impacting the car’s paint to the dust making the vehicle look aged before its time, the challenges are many. A car cover, in this context, is not just protection; it's preservation. It ensures:
Protection from Harsh Sunlight: Extended exposure can lead to paint fading. The car sun shade cover acts as a barrier, reflecting harmful rays.
Dust & Debris Defense: Given the regional sand and dust, car covers act as the first line of defense against potential scratches and a dusty finish.
Rain Safeguard: The waterproof car cover ensures that unexpected showers never dampen your car’s sparkle.
Interior Preservation: It’s not just about the exterior. Covers, especially dashboard covers, protect the inside, ensuring the car’s value and aesthetics remain top-notch.
Our legacy in auto accessories isn't just about providing products; it’s about curating excellence. Every car cover, every shade, and every accessory echoes our commitment to quality, utility, and style.

Your Vehicle Deserves the Best

Every car, from a sporty Lamborghini to a sophisticated Bentley, from a rugged Land Cruiser to a graceful Audi, deserves care tailored to its calibre. And that’s precisely what we offer at Emirates Sound Auto Accessories. Our range of car covering solutions ensures that we have the perfect protective cloak ready, no matter the brand, make, or model.