Car Headrest & DVD Player

Experience Premium In-Car Entertainment

Journey through the bustling streets of Dubai or explore the vast desert expanse of the UAE; with Emirates Sound Auto Accessories, every drive transforms into a cinematic experience. Introducing Headrest & Roof DVD systems - an elegant fusion of technology, design, and luxury, perfect for the sophisticated vehicles that grace the roads of the UAE.

With the proliferation of luxury brands like Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Nissan, and BMW on the UAE's roads, it’s only fitting that the interiors match the exterior's grandeur.

Car DVD Headrest: Seamlessly integrated and exquisitely designed, car DVD headrest systems offer unparalleled video quality. Tailored to fit major car brands prevalent in the UAE, these systems aren't merely functional and amplify your car's interior aesthetics.
Portable DVD Player for Car Headrest: For those who crave flexibility and portability, portable DVD players is the ideal pick. Easy to mount and efficient in delivery, they transform backseat boredom into an engaging visual journey.
Car journeys, especially long ones, can often be tedious. But with car roof mount DVD player, every trip is an opportunity for an in-car movie marathon. Elegantly suspended and delivering crisp visuals, these car accessories systems are not just entertainment units but car decoration accessories that elevate the cabin's ambience.
As leaders in the auto accessories domain in the UAE, we at Emirates Sound Auto Accessories understand the unique needs of the region's car owners. Our selection is curated, keeping in mind the diverse clientele and their penchant for luxury:
Extensive Range: From SUVs to sedans, our DVD systems cater to various vehicles, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal viewing experience.
Expert Installation: A top-notch product deserves an impeccable install. Our team of experts guarantees a seamless integration of the DVD systems into your vehicle, enhancing both functionality and form.
Unmatched Quality: As a premium car accessories store, quality is our motto. We only offer the best quality and nothing less.
As you cruise in your Lexus down Sheikh Zayed Road or take your Mercedes-Benz for a spin around the iconic Burj Khalifa, let your passengers indulge in an unparalleled entertainment experience.
Let every journey be an adventure, every road trip a film festival. With Emirates Sound Auto Accessories, transform the way you perceive in-car entertainment.
Because in the world of elite driving, every detail count. And we ensure nothing but the best for you.